Global design leader. Strategic-thinker. Cultural-explorer. Fast-mover.

I'm Megan, nice to meet you.

about me
as a design leader—

Multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, distributed/remote teams, all bring unique challenges that I am familiar with. My 15 years in design leadership across international teams, products and countries has taught me how to lead, collaborate and inspire all while solving, executing and delivering. Check out my work here.

Today I view my role as Chief Experience Officer at The Infatuation to be one of balancing empowerment and visibility in individual solutions with opinionated guidance across impactful and strategic initiatives – building and cultivating highly collaborative, high-energy teams that aren’t afraid to swing for the fences and exceed expectations even on tactical projects.

Working with me means you will get transparency, collaboration, and someone who always will promote and empower teams to deliver world-class work while continually setting a vision, driving strategy, working closely with the business to define metrics to highlight our successes and aligning with company values by routinely using them as methods of evaluation. I’m proud of my work, skills, influence and expertise, but I don’t hold my ideas as precious and value collaboration over individual work as I believe we do the most meaningful work by doing it with others.

I lead teams whose skills and efforts are focused on how consumer-facing and B2B products function and how users move through the experience to accomplish their goals – delivering beautiful, engaging, and valuable experiences for our users and ultimately successful for our business. I ask a lot of questions about how something fits into the larger work as I believe holistic solutions are important to preserving experiences that are unified, valuable, and productive.

I encourage a culture of iterating quickly, based on data, and I can make hard determinations fast through pursuing the balance between data-driven decision-making and intuition. If failure happens (as it inevitably will), I don’t see this as defining or limiting, rather as an opportunity to learn and evolve in what we do next time.

I’m not afraid of—going fast, change, the nitty-gritty, difficult problems, or starting with a blank slate. I’m not fond of—egos, people that belittle others, a lack of collaboration, sporadically flying things (bats, moths, pigeons), sitting still.

Open for mentoring requests for 2024 and new opportunities to work together—

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about me
as a human—

megan, meg, megs.
she, her, hers.
married, to a woman, mi amor.
28 countries and counting.
‍always exploring.
proud auntie.

More about me
more about me
as a human—

I prioritize experiences over things, I seek minimalism in life (and design). It’s the key to our flexible approach to living and thriving anywhere and staying free and focused on what matters.

I have been to 28 countries spanning 5 (6 if you count the southernmost point of Patagonia as close enough to Antarctica) with my wife and would consider myself an international, culturally-immersive, minimalistic, food-focused traveler. Always planning for the next one.

Exploring cultures (traveling) and creating food (cooking) has made me a better designer—more empathetic, more creative, and more inclusive.

Being “auntie” to our nieces and nephews is one of my most treasured roles in life.

Creating and growing things with my hands is my happy place, an extension (while also an escape) of my day-to-day work.

If it never rained or got below 21 degrees (Celsius), I would be okay with that – I can’t get enough sunshine.

I enjoy good, healthy competition – something I am looking to get more of in my everyday life. Pickleball or handball anyone?

Movement is something that I strive for. And I really like speed, going fast, the wind in my hair.

Indulging my intrigue of getting in deep with different cultures, and eating my way around the world with my wife is what makes me truly alive. 🌎